History\ ˈhi-st(ə-)rē \

A continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, period, person... usually written as a chronological account.

The birth


Definition Paris was created in the heart of Paris 7th arrondissement by three teenagers whom desire was to express themselves through mode.

       First Collection


With this first collection composed of our three basic t-shirts, we wanted to define our centres of interest that also are the bases of our brand :

Definition : it represents us as well as the french language we want to highlight ;

Art : we all grew in a very artistic environment which awoke our sensibility to contemporary art. The majority of our creations are inspired by contemporary artists ;

Mode : from consumers we moved to creators.

The denim jacket :


The idea of creating customisable denim jackets came to us when we realised we wanted to offer our customers an opportunity to define themselves through a high-quality denim jacket. The customer is asked to fill a personal Definition Questionnaire so that he with the help of Definition staff can define its own jacket.

The customisable denim jacket is part of a will to conciliate the consumer and the creator by making the consumer the creator in order to offer the best experience as possible while wearing our clothes.

The second collection


After creating basic pieces for the first collection we wanted to differentiate ourselves by offering special pieces such as a bulletproof vest which is a very limited edition that was never commercialised in modern mode.

We also decided to associate two very different substances which are velvet and high-quality tartan print for designing our Definition hoodie 100% made in France.